Mafia Wars Crew Collections Add Another Way to Help Your Mafia Succeed

Tue, Mar 16, 2010

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A new feature has hit Mafia Wars in the form of Crew Collections. Now, in addition to the one-click “help friends” pop-ups that you’ll find on your news feed, that allow you to help your mafia complete missions, you’ll also be able to answer a call for help that will launch you into a Crew Collection mini-game of sorts.

There are three collections available as of right now: Prototype Carjacking, Theft of a Drone, and Weapons Shipment Hijacking (Please note that the countdown timer in the screenshot below is for my account only, as I have activated a call for friends to help me complete the collection. It does not indicate that you only have an hour to complete the collection altogether).

There are seven items in each collection, and while you can find some of the items as basic loot drops by completing missions, for the rest, you’ll have to ask your friends for help. By clicking on a post on your news feed, you’re taken to a page alerting you to which mission you’ll be completing, the item you are hoping to collect, and the time remaining to do so (it starts at an hour).

Click on the “Start Searching” button, and you’re automatically taken to the game page where the correct mission is found, and you’ll simply go about your business of completing the mission until the item in question appears as a loot drop. Afterward, you can leave a message for your friend letting them know that you did your part in helping them complete the collection.

Of course, you’ll also receive a copy of the item in question, and from there you’ll be prompted to post your own call for help, that will let your friends go through a similar process to find another item; one for you, and one for themselves.

If none of your friends have taken advantage of this feature thus far, you can begin the search yourself by clicking on the “Ask Mafia” button next to each collection. Head over to the game’s page to do just that.

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