Mac Gamers: Break In Your Shiny New Steam With 10 Awesome Games

Mon, May 17, 2010


Well, the notion that Macs do not have games has officially flew out the window with the release of Steam for Mac in the middle of last week. Alongside the launch of Steam for Mac, it appears that Valve is having a ‘party’ of sorts by releasing a good amount of Mac titles and promoting them well.

MTV Multiplayer has put out a definitive list of titles that Mac gamers should take a good look at as most or all of these titles should be impressive.

  • And Yet it Moves ($9.99) – A puzzle-platformer with a very unique art style mixed and a fun physics-based tilting mechanic.
  • Loom ($4.99) – An old style LucasArts adventure games that is unique because of its different gameplay style.
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis ($4.99) – A more traditional LucasArts adventure game that has a fun story and great gameplay.
  • Tales of Monkey Island Season One ($29.99) – The modern continuation of the LucasArts Monkey Island series with witty characters and varied settings.
  • Peggle Nights ($9.99) – The sequel to the original Peggle that provides many new powerups and stages to master.
  • Portal (free until May 24th) – Portal is best defined as a ‘First Person Puzzle Game’ in that you must use a portal gun to advance to the next level. The game also has a very interesting twist halfway through that’s hard to see coming. Oh, it’s free too.
  • World of Goo ($19.99) – A puzzle game that challenges you to get as much of the little goos into the vacum as possible to advance. The mechanics are easy to grasp and the art style is very charming.
  • Braid ($9.99) – An impressive indie platformer that has a subtle narrative and an awesome time manipulation mechanic.
  • Machinarium ($19.99) – Point-and-click adventure title that resembles the LucasArts titles of old with a new story and graphics.
  • Torchlight ($9.99 for a limited time) – “Diablo”-esque hack-and-slash action game that is all about fighting evil demons and collecting as much loot as possible.
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