Love is in the Air – Help Plan a Tuscan Wedding in FarmVille! [UPDATE x4]

Sat, May 29, 2010

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Update 4 (3:57 PM): It seems that most farms are now back online and working properly. Wedding Tents that were already placed are as they once were (that is, they haven’t been lost), and you can now truly start experiencing the event, using the details found below these bolded updates. Additionally, double crop mastery appears to once again be active.


Update 3 (1:49 PM Eastern): Frisky Mongoose has received confirmation from Zynga that not only have the Tuscan Wedding and Double Mastery events temporarily been shut off due to this issue, but crop withering and puppy hunger have also been disabled. So, while we’re still unable to load the game – rest assured that your crops and your puppies are safe.


Update 2 (1:30 PM Eastern): FarmVille Community manager Lexilicious has posted an official statement regarding this issue. Here it is, in its entirety:

“Hey Farmers,

We’re currently experiencing some technical issues surrounding our latest update, that our developers are aware of and are currently attempting to isolate and fix.

These issues have resulted in many players being unable to access their Farms.

In addition, the Double Mastery has been temporarily disabled while we attempt to resolve these problems. We will have this event back for you as soon as we are able.

Please be aware that our developers are currently hard at work to fix these issues. We will update the community accordingly as soon as more information becomes available to us.

Your continued patience and understanding is greatly appreciated, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these issues may have caused you. ”

We will continue to bring you updates about this situation as they become available.


Update (11:56 AM Eastern): As of now, it appears as though there is a glitch affecting ALL users who place the Wedding Tent on their farm. While most users seem to be experiencing some sort of server problems (out of sync errors, friends lists not loading) those that placed the tent are being locked out of the game. If you place the tent and leave the game, you will likely receive an error message (concerning a flash update) the next time you attempt to load the game.

It seems that Zynga has acknowledged the error by removing the initial Tuscan Wedding tent pop-up (seen below) from the game, as our fellow users who had yet to place the Tent haven’t received the pop-up or the Tent itself. We’ll be sure to update this space when we have more information, but for now, if you’re one who received the tent but did not place it, I would suggest waiting until we know it’s “safe.”

For more information, you can also keep an eye on the official FarmVille forums, to see when and if the FarmVille team announces a fix.


It’s time for a Tuscan wedding celebration in FarmVille, but before anyone can live happily ever after, the lucky couple needs you to help them plan the party. The next time you login to the game, you’ll be met with a small pop-up, introducing you to the new feature, and letting you know that your free Wedding Tent can be found in your gift box.

Once you place the Wedding Tent somewhere on your farm, you’ll learn that this feature is a twist on the previous item collections we’ve seen for holidays like Easter and Valentine’s Day. Here, instead of collecting different colors of Spring Eggs, like we did during Easter (as an example), we’ll be finding ingredients from trees and animals around our farm, or receiving them as gifts. Ingredients translate into Favor inside the Wedding Tent, with a higher Favor level allowing you to unlock new Tuscan items.

To explain this further, you’ll be finding ingredient items in the form of Olives, Truffles, Goat Milk and Eggs. If you’re looking to find these items around your own farm, Olives (obviously) come from Olive Trees, Truffles come from pigs, Goat Milk comes from goats and Eggs come from chickens.

Collecting these ingredients is easy – you’ll simply go about your normal duties of collecting from animals and harvesting trees, and will come upon the appropriate ingredients. Conversely, if you’d rather help (and be helped by) your friends, you’ll be able to send these four ingredients to friends via the game’s free gifts page. However, there’s a catch. So far, the only item of the four that is available to send are the Truffles. The other three are locked, and will unlock to send to friends once every two days. That is, in two days’ time, we’ll be able to send Olives. Two days after that, we’ll be able to send Goat Milk and so on.

Users will also be able to post that they’ve found an ingredient to their wall, allowing friends to share in the spoils, which will allow everyone to earn ingredients that much faster.

Once you start collecting ingredients, Nonna, the lucky bride’s grandmother, will be able to go to work preparing the wedding’s feast. You’ll need to collect four each of all of the ingredients (for a total of 16) before you can trade them in to Nonna from within the Wedding Tent itself (simply click on it to look inside and see the menu). Trading in these 16 ingredients earns you five Favor points, with the Favor points themselves being what we’ll need to accumulate in order to receive free Tuscan items.

It sounds complicated in writing, but is simple in practice. As you collect Favor points, the amount of decorations covering the Wedding Tent will increase, and you’ll unlock access to more and more items that can be traded in for, until you reach the maximum of 6. The first item is the Wedding Cake (see the image above), and it costs 10 Favor, so at the very least, you’ll have to collect 32 total ingredients if you want to get anything out of this event.

FarmVille Feed has apparently discovered what the other five items are, with 20 Favor Points unlocking the David Pig statue, 35 Favor unlocking the Apallo Butterflies decoration, 50 Favor unlocking a Tuscan Fountain, 75 Favor unlocking a Spaghetti Sheep (complete with noodles on his head and a bib around his neck), and 100 Favor unlocking the Tuscany Pisa, a take on the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Unless you have a massive amount of neighbors, reaching 100 Favor will take an incredibly long amount of time. But, we’re expecting that the Tuscan Wedding event will only be around for a few weeks’ time, so you’ll want to make the most of every second we’ve been given – head over to the game’s page to start helping Nonna plan the wedding!

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  • carola

    My tuscan tent has vanished when I tried to set it up and the gifts I try to collect say : The gift you tried to accept was LIMITED EDITION and is no longer available. More limited edition items coming soon! Any advise?

  • Anon

    Or don't! Once you place this tent you won't be able to get back on your farm.
    Don't do it!

    Fail Farmville, epic fail >_<

  • chrisp

    do you think they will turn off the co op clock too?

  • safeena

    Hi there i didnt get the wedding tent inwonder why

  • Rose

    I can't find the tent in my gift box or market place why is that will it come up when all the problems are fixed???

  • Marie Salova

    i didnt ge 1 and i cant buy 1…help help…

  • Marie Salova

    same here i think were just 2 late