Location-Based Meta Games Are Catching On

Mon, May 10, 2010

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Location-based games are all the rage these days with Foursquare and Gowalla being the two battling titans for the top throne. “Checking In” is the name of the game where the objective is to go around town and different cities in order to gain points and badges that make them superior over other people. Now, new players are entering the arena and looking to take location-based gaming to the next level.

VentureBeat has the story about MyTown, a game with now 2 million players that is growing at a rapid pace. The game is loosely based on Monopoly and the users tend to spend an average of an hour on the app per day. Much like Monopoly, players buy and sell places on the map and can charge rent for other players who check-in there.

Along with MyTown, there is also Parallel Kingdom which only has around 125,000 users but has a very interesting premise. The game is centered around the idea of an RPG in which players can battle, level up, trade and chat while playing. While the game used to be completely location-based, the developers realized this was a mistake and now allow players to explore any area of Google Maps.

Justin Beck, CEO of Parallel Kingdom developer PerBlue said, “We also found that people in general don’t go to that many locations in their lives on a daily basis. They go to school or work, to the gas station, or grocery store and so on. And if you, as a game designer, make them go to a specific location, then you are playing them. So we try to make things that are fun and location-relevant, like checking out where your friends are in the game.”

Location-based games are only going to get bigger and more advanced and I can not wait until they start becoming even more evolved than they are currently.

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