Little Horrors – Monumental Games’ 3D MMOG for Facebook

Thu, May 20, 2010

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Little Horrors is the upcoming Facebook title from Monumental Games that’s set to be released sometime this summer. In the game, you’ll play as one such little horror, in this case an adolescent vampire or werewolf, who is a student at a school for the “monstrously gifted,” according to the game’s Facebook page.

After becoming bored with schoolwork, or overwhelmed with the stress of exams, sometimes these Little Horrors want to do nothing other than terrify innocent people, and this is where you come in. You’ll be able to customize your character with special powers, buy spells from an in-game store and trade them with friends. Afterward, you’ll be set loose in a fully 3D world, filled with other live players (making the title an MMOG – massively multiplayer online game) and allowed to bring utter chaos and destruction to the land.

Speaking with Edge, Monumental Games’ CEO Rik Alexander says that the decision to develop Little Horrors as a Facebook game was made due to the social network’s audience, and due to the lack of games with real depth on the platform:

“We’ve chosen to treat Facebook as a platform because it has 400 million users. Our project is coming off the back of the first wave of games on Facebook. These are 2D, looking nice, playing well, and bringing in millions of players per week. We think that these people are going to want to engage more with games because the current games don’t keep them engaged for very long. They’re often great games, but the turnover rate is high because there’s not much reason to stay around. We’re going to create something that represents a sort of second generation for Facebook gamers, something which is more engaging because it has more depth, and something that allows gamers to socialise [sic] in a slightly different way. Facebook connects people, allows games to do socialisation via gifts and so on, and our tech provides another cool layer beyond that, allowing people to socialise in 3D.”

While offering a gameplay experience that is far from the norm (at least in terms of Facebook games), Little Horrors will apparently offer one thing that most every game does – a free-to-play experience that can be enhanced with premium purchases.

The closed beta for Little Horrors is scheduled to begin sometime next month, and users that are interested in being a part of it can nominate themselves here. We’ll have more information about Little Horrors as it gets closer to a public launch.

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