Leviathan: Warships has Cross-Platform Play and the BEST TRAILER EVER

Wed, Apr 17, 2013

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I should tell you, right off the bat, that Leviathan: Warships looks like a fun game, and that’s why I’m interested in it to begin with. We’re also mentioning it here on the Mongoose because it’s one of the rare entries in the mobile/PC cross-platform play arena — it’s an asynchronous tactical naval combat game where you set up your fleet and pick your moves and then they play out simultaneously with your foe’s. You could, for example, take a few moves on your iPad while your opponent takes his moves on his Android tablet, and then you could both go home and continue the same match from your PCs. All of these are lovely things about the game, and none of them are why I’m really writing this post.

The real reason is that TriplePoint client Paradox Interactive has released the best possible trailer for this (or possibly for any) game. Watch this:


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