Level 5 Dog Tricks Now Available in FarmVille

Thu, Jun 10, 2010

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To all of the dog owners in FarmVille, I have great news for you! Zynga has finally released the ability for your pets to learn their level 5 trick, allowing them to help you on your farm!

For those unfamiliar with training a FarmVille dog, instead of the Puppy Kibble needed to help your puppy grow into an adult, you’ll need to collect Dog Treats to feed to your grown dogs.

The level five trick varies depending on the species of dog you own, but here’s what to expect for each:

  • Sheepdog: Allows the dog to harvest your sheep for you
  • Golden Retriever: Allows the dog to fetch “consumables” for you
  • Terrier: Allows the dog to harvest your ducks for you
  • Border Collie: Allows the dog to harvest 20 animals for you
  • Heeler: Allows the dog to harvest your cows for you

Your dog can only help you once every 24 hours, so be sure to wait until the most opportune moment (that is, when the dog will do the most work possible so you don’t have to) to use their trick.

Let us know what you think of these final tricks in the comments – are you happy with the dog you chose, now that it can work with you around your farm?

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  • Cheeky Bugga

    ive had my terrier since april i feed daily he harvest the ducks but hasnt gone up anylevel what am i doing wrong