Let’s Take a Look at Facebook Myths and Rumors

Sat, Jun 12, 2010

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With Facebook running into a number of PR snafus regarding privacy recently, it’s only natural that different rumors and innuendos might crop up (or in some cases, already existed before all that mess). The folks over at AllFacebook have taken a look at some of the more popular rumors to pop up about the popular social networking site.

The rumors:

  • “Facebook Will Charge to Use The Site” – AllFacebook’s take: “Facebook is not charging and never will”.
  • “Facebook Will Sell Your Data” – AllFacebook: “If Facebook isn’t charging for the service, that must mean that they are going to have to sell you data to survive, right? Wrong! Facebook does not sell your data to advertisers. Instead, they let advertisers target users with advertisements through their self-serve advertising program based on a number of factors.”
  • “Social Plugins Expose Your Data” – AllFacebook: “In reality, no data is ever made available to the site owner. The reason site owners place the “social plugins” on their site is in order to increase the engagement of users. In other words, it keeps the visitor on the site for a longer period of time, something that most site owners desire.”
  • “Facebook is Launching an E-Mail Product” – AllFacebook: “While many of us have hoped that Facebook would launch an email product, Mark Zuckerberg recently dismissed such claims.”
  • “Facebook is Launching a Music Company” -AllFacebook: “Facebook would much rather let another company handle music than handle it themselves.”

These are all level-headed refutations of each of these rumors and myths. Perhaps if you were worried about some of these, your worries have been laid to rest.

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