Learn These Three New Japanese Dishes in Restaurant City

Wed, Apr 14, 2010

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It’s week two of Playfish’s nod at all things Japanese in Restaurant City, and as such, we have new dishes available to cook. Note that these new dishes haven’t replaced the previously released dishes in the menu, they’re simply a new addition.

The first dish is Yaki Gyoza, which can be thought of as potstickers. The dish requires just three ingredients to learn: Pork, Ginger, and Garlic. The dish is a starter that has no limited time availability, so feel free to take as much time as you need to earn the required ingredients, if you don’t have them already.

Next, we have Salmon Sashimi, a main dish that also has no time limit. It requires three ingredients to learn: two Salmons and one Wasabi.

Finally, we have a dessert dish, the Sakura Mochi. Interestingly, of the three new dishes this is the only one with a time limit, as it must be learned within the next 26 days. If you fail to learn it before then, the dish will disappear from your menu, presumably forever. It also requires three ingredients to learn: Rice, Sugar, and Beans.

To make matters a bit easier, remember that you can now send Salmon (as well as Seaweed) to friends via the game’s updated free gifts menu, and you can also purchase discounted Salmon, Seaweed, and Wasabi ingredient’s from the game’s cash shop – those three would normally cost you 7 Playfish Cash each, but now you’ll pay 5.

Make sure to head over to the game’s page to see if you have the ingredients necessary to learn this trio of new dishes.

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