Learn These Three Easter Recipes in Restaurant City [Update]

Tue, Mar 30, 2010

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If you hadn’t already guessed, this week’s item theme in Restaurant City is Easter, and Playfish is stopping at nothing to make sure that we all have our fill of the pastel color palette to last the entire year.

In addition to the 11 eggs that are available to find by visiting your friends’ restaurants (or by finding the Food King), or learning the Chocolate Egg recipe, there are now even more recipes to learn, that will create an Easter feast for all who manage to learn the recipes in time.

All three of these new dishes, the Hot Cross Buns, the Hot Easter Chocolate, and the Easter Lamb with Herbs, are learned with varying amounts of the four Easter ingredients which are (luckily) still available to send via the game’s free gifts menu.

All three recipes must be learned with the next 27 days, or they will be gone from you, presumably forever, or at least until Easter rolls around next year.

The Hot Cross Buns is a dessert dish that requires one Easter Spice, one Easter Egg, and two Chick Figurines to learn. [UPDATE] Playfish has updated the dish to require one Easter Spice, one Raisins, one Chick Figurine, and one Bread. We apologize for any confusion.

The Easter Lamb with Herbs requires two Easter Spices, one Easter Egg, and one Chick Figurine to learn. [UPDATE]: Playfish has changed the Easter Lamb with Herbs recipe to now require one Lamb, one Easter Spice, One Easter Egg, and one Chick Figurine. We apologize for any confusion.

Finally, the Hot Easter chocolate can be learned by trading in two Chocolate Bunnies, one Easter Egg, and one Chick Figurine.

Head over to the game’s page to see if you have the necessary ingredients to learn any of these dishes, and make sure to check back with us later in the week when we discover what sorts of new decorations Playdish has up their sleeves for this holiday celebration.

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