Leaping Lepidopterology: Butterfly Sky

Thu, Aug 8, 2013

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Sometimes, a publisher’s back catalog gives you a pretty good idea what to expect from their next game. Funday Factory (a TriplePoint client) is the developer behind “award-winning apps Axe in Face, Driftin’ and Smashville.” So, for their next app, they’re obviously going to do something like… a game where you jump through a pleasant cloudy skyscape and collect butterflies? Huh. Okay, sometimes you can’t see it coming, but it still looks pretty solid! In fact, Butterfly Sky, Funday’s free new game, looks like this:

So, while it may not put an axe in your face, it should still be amusing. From the press release:

Made for casual and hardcore gamers alike, Butterfly Sky features endless gameplay in a random combination of over 100 beautifully animated cloud segments. There are 35 unique in-game achievements, 27 gameplay missions to complete, and 10 ranks to level up. Players also can feel the rush of beating their rivals on the leaderboards, as well as the anguish of having their top score bested. Using the innovative Kiip connectivity, players can unlock real-life coupons and rewards just by playing the game. There are also 30 rare butterflies to collect within the game, with a new butterfly spawning every day.

You can start your collection right here.

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