League of Legends + Once = Lady Game Lyric

Mon, Jul 1, 2013

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Oh, Lady Game Lyric; your clever words and pleasing tunes have knocked down every tower guarding the middle lane to our hearts. Our favorite LoL lyricist — a League of Lyrics player, if you will — is back with her latest masterparody. It’s a melancholy tale about what happens when you’ve lost a game before it’s even begun. Remember, folks, after you’re done listening to this song, listen to your teammates. They’re all you’ve got.

We give you “Farming Slowly,” a parody of “Falling Slowly” from the movie Once.

Farming Slowly
Parody of “Falling Slowly” from Once

I don’t know you
But I told you
I called mid in Chat

You chose Ahri
Didn’t hear me
What is up with that?

But no one’s dodging right now
My patience is spent
This will not work out

So you can queue alone
This game is thrown
Mid lane was mine
Are you ganking top?
I’m staying bot
Don’t rage quit now

Farming slowly, please don’t poke me
I need gold from that
Blue is taken I’m forsaken
Pressing B for back
Vision here’s not enough
I’m warding myself
How haven’t they won?

So you can queue alone
This game is thrown
Mid lane was mine
That team fight went wrong
Now Baron’s gone
It’s GG now

Farming slowly your CS is weak
Surrender now

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