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Tue, Sep 21, 2010

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A few noteworthy updates have been released in Happy Aquarium already this week, with CrowdStar offering users a new item collection, as well as a series of new limited edition sharks that are now available in the store.

Collect Leaves to Earn a Special Fish

A new collection is now available to users level 21 and above, and it asks users to collect nine different leaves in celebration of the beginning of the fall season.

The nine leaves can be found just as the other collection items can be, that being inside your friends’ treasure chests. Remember, there is no item inventory in Happy Aquarium, so the leaves that you find will go on display in your tank until you find them all.

There are three common leaves, three uncommon leaves, and three rare leaves to find, so you’ll likely be spending a lot of time searching through your friends’ tanks to find all nine leaves.

Once you find them all, you’ll be able to collect an exclusive Leaf Fish as a reward (it is named as such due to it being shaped like an orange leaf). How many of the leaves have you found so far?

Four Limited Edition Sharks Now Available

While you’re not busy searching for leaves, why not take a second to browse through the new collection of sharks that are now available to purchase in the game’s store.

There are four new sharks available, and all are limited edition, ranging from 7000 to around 8200 units in terms of the remaining number available of each kind.

The four sharks are the Nurse Shark, which costs either 68 Pearls or 57 Facebook Credits, the Zebra Shark which costs either 79 Pearls or 66 Facebook Credits, a Whale Shark that costs 60 Pearls or 50 Facebook Credits, and finally, a Pink Shark that goes for 79 Pearls or 66 Facebook Credits.

As usual, all four can be customized at the time of purchase, allowing you to choose their name and their gender. In addition, regardless of the Shark that you buy, they will grow to adulthood in 32 hours, so long as they are fed regularly.

Make sure to head over to Happy Aquarium on Facebook to purchase any of these sharks while they are still available, or to start collecting leaves!

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