Latest FarmVille Podcast Hints at Growing Baby Animals

Wed, Mar 24, 2010

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Lexilicious, FarmVille’s Community Manager, dropped a pretty big hint about an upcoming FarmVille feature via the game’s latest podcast.

The podcast addressed the community’s questions concerning the growth of baby animals on our farms. While many of us may have accumulated quite the collection of Calves, and now even Foals, we were left wondering if and when they would ever grow up. Sometime in the future, they will, says Lexilicious, but only if we choose to have them do so:

“We are planning on a way for farmers to have their calves and foals grow into full-grown adults, if they choose to. We’re currently working out the details right now, but the tentative plan is to introduce the option sometime this Spring. Once we have a more concrete date in place, and more information, we’ll make sure to update you as soon as we can.”

The podcast also hints at new items, including an update that dogs will be coming “very soon.” Spring items and features will also be released in the coming weeks, but other details concerning specific items are still unknown.

Lastly, Lexilicious let on that new challenges will be coming to FarmVille, that, once completed with friends, will reward us with various items and perhaps “bragging rights.”

Here’s the full podcast, for those that missed it when it was released earlier in the week:

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