Latest FarmVille Podcast Announces Bushel Co-Op Jobs, Super Combine

Sun, Sep 12, 2010

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In the latest edition of the FarmVille Podcast (which will now be released once every two weeks, rather than every week), FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious let us in on the some info about coming attractions to the game.

The biggest feature she hinted at was Bushel Co-Op Jobs, that will let users with Crafting Buildings start a job on a specific recipe, that requires you to grow the ingredients needed for that recipe. That is, if you need Pumpkin, Cranberry and Sunflower Bushels to create an item in the spa, your Bushel Co-Op Job would require you to grow a certain number of pumpkin, cranberry and sunflower plots.

Any friends that join in this job will be able to plant the same crops as you to receive a reward of extra bushels, and they can choose which recipe they’d like to redeem the bushels for. In this way, it seems that users with Spas will be able to help those with Bakeries, while Winery owners can help users with Spas, and so on, without worrying about “wasting time” growing crops they don’t need.

The faster the job is finished, the more bushels will be rewarded. If a friend helps out that doesn’t own a Crafting Building, they will receive a high-level crafting good that can be redeemed for fuel, instead of the extra bushels as a reward.

In addition to Bushel Co-Op Jobs, Lexi also let us in on the future release of the Super Combine, a buildable vehicle that can be upgraded with vehicle parts in your garage. The Super Combine will act as your Harvester, Tractor, and Seeder all at the same time, removing the need to switch vehicles in the process of harvesting your crops, plowing land and planting seeds.

Lastly, a new German theme will be coming to the game in the future, that will include a lot of historial buildings and other German-themed items.

We’ll be sure to bring you the complete details concerning these new releases as they are launched officially within the game. Until then, if you’d like a recap of the latest releases in FarmVille over the past two weeks, check out the full podcast below for Lexi’s recap:

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