Lailah the Seraphim Angel Now Available in Castle Age [Update: Or Not]

Thu, Feb 18, 2010

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[Update] It appears as though everything isn’t as it would seem in the world of Castle Age. Thanks to reader Al, we’ve learned that access to Lailah is apparently more complicated than simply being over level 90. To confirm, we spoke with a few higher level friends, and, sure enough, Lailah isn’t available on the Heroes page. Is this a glitch? Perhaps she was supposed to be made available but somehow isn’t? Or… is she received after performing some sort of in-game task, like finishing the new Atlantis quests? For now, it’s all up in the air, but as soon as we receive further information, we’ll update this space again. Have you been able to unlock her? Let us know how you accomplished it!

While Castle Age may not have as many active users as similar apps like Mafia Wars or Vampire Wars, I’ve always enjoyed it for its theme – challenging mythical creatures in a fantastical universe, performing alchemy to create new weapons and unlock new quests; it fills an imaginative need that I find that others can’t match. Unfortunately, it seems like the game doesn’t receive as many regular updates as its competitors, which makes yesterday’s addition of a new hero all the more newsworthy.

Meet Lailah, the Seraphim Angel. She’s available to users who are level 90 or higher, and is apparently available to purchase via the game’s Heroes page as other characters are (see update). Unfortunately, as I am only a level 73 character, I do not have access to Lailah’s stats or recruitment price – if you can help us out with that, leave us a comment won’t you?

In the meantime, if you are above level 90, head over to the game’s page and add this angel to your lineup of warriors.

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  • Al CaPwn

    This is incorrect I am above lvl 90 and it is not just for sale I am trying to figure out where to get it I am thinking maybe Atlantis since I have not finished that yet

  • Brandy Shaul

    Thanks a lot for the head's up Al! I am thinking this must be some sort of glitch, as the game's Facebook page announced her release as a new Hero for Level 90 and above users. Hopefully this is sorted out soon!

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  • Traveller

    im lvl 94 just purchased her monthy general. face book. 30 favor points. Join my army!

    One of the great Seraphims, Lailah was sent to watch over the humans of Valeria, to ensure that the balance is maintained. However, since Mephistopheles entered into this realm, she has taken up arms against the demonic denizens of the land.
    15 Attack
    17 Defense
    Special Ability:
    While equipped, increases Player Defense by 2 and increase Max Energy by 3.

  • yusuf

    I'v got see her after lv 90, and i still don't get atlantis map…, what i'v do was try gain favor with battle and quest…, maybe i do a lot quest..

  • Armand D. King

    Guys click on this link… even if your not level 90 you will be able to purchase lailah XD hope this helps, oh and if you click this you'll automatically purchase her if you have enough demi points.

  • James Dunn

    I am level 111 and I cannot get the Seraphim angel either.