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Sun, Aug 22, 2010

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With so many games being released on the iTunes app store, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with which ones you should or shouldn’t be playing on your iPhone. Thankfully, we have the review round-up to show you the best games available on the app store, complete with summaries and reviews from all around the web.

Kung Fu Touch

In order to help you become a true Kung Fu master, your trainer in this game has decided to put himself in harm’s way by having you travel with him to themed areas throughout the world. Gameplay is vastly similar to Fruit Ninja from Halfbrick in that objects will randomly enter the screen and require you to slice them before they leave. Bombs also enter the screen, and just like in Fruit Ninja, need to be avoided.

As AppSpy points out in their review however, the objects do not actually enter the screen at random, they are actually set on a specific, planned pattern making the game a simple task of trial and error. Overall, they claimed that Kung Fu Touch was “hard to recommend as the gameplay lacks depth and while fun to play for a short time it just doesn’t bring any hooks to keep playing.”

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Price: 99¢.


Unlike Peggle and other pachinko style games of luck, aYa-Manku looks to the skilled puzzle gamer by making you collect specific fruit on the board. Sometimes, you are only given a limited number of collectors and this is where the game’s difficulty kicks in and you’ll have to be on your toes at all times in order to make progress.

In their review of the game, GameZebo said it “offers up a unique skill-based puzzler built off the basics of pachinko, but without some tweaking, the difficulty here won’t really appeal to the average iPhone gamer” and that overall “Gamers looking for a serious challenge will love the level of skill aYa-Manku demands.”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Price: $1.99.

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