Kingdom Rush Moves Rather Expediently onto iPhones

Thu, Jun 28, 2012

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Do yourself a tremendous favor: if you have never heard of or played Kingdom Rush from TriplePoint client Armor Games, go here, right now. I’ll be here when you get back several days later. If you have completed that step, or you’re already familiar with Kingdom Rush, then I have very good news — it’s out for iPhones now, not just iPads. Even better, it’s only a buck. I’m not sure what else needs to be said.

So, I’ll let Armor do it:

Kingdom Rush refines the tower defense genre into a game that’s polished, accessible, and above all… too much fun to put down! To ward off the waves of nasty goblins, players build both offensive and defensive turrets along a path and then, when the action heats up, deploy reinforcements and call in airstrikes. The intuitive touch controls keep the focus on tower construction and upgrades – you’re the conductor in this symphony of battle! Rather than building a maze of turrets, Kingdom Rushstreamlines gameplay by letting you build your chosen towers in pre-determined locations along the path. Conquering the invading hoard yields stars to spend upgrading both passive and active abilities. Once you’ve bolstered your arsenal, revisit earlier maps to take on a variety of new challenges (and succulent rewards). With upgrades and tweaks throughout, the iPhone version will introduce a whole new audience to the addictive mayhem of what IGN calls “a must-own instant classic with a high-quality core of polished and well-balanced tower defense action.”


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