Kindle News Wrap-Up: Updated Apps, New Lower Price, Target Partnership

Mon, Jun 28, 2010

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The Amazon Kindle refuses to disappear from news headlines lately with several news items seemingly popping up just about every day. Luckily for you, I’ve been scouring the web to find the latest Kindle news and bring it to you promptly, without any of the spin or speculation.

Kindle News is as follows:

  • Target Partnership – Amazon has partnered with Triplepoint client Target in order to sell the Kindle in brick-and-mortar stores with a hands-on display setup in store so customers can get a feel for the device. A very smart decision considering many shy away from the device simply because they do not know how it will look and feel in person.
  • Price Drop to $189 – In the same instance that Amazon announced its Target Partnership, they announced the Kindle is dropping its price to $189. This allows Amazon to become more prominent in the e-reader space and compete with the hotness of the iPad. The device should likely be as cheap as it can possibly be, as Amazon’s real money will likely come from the e-books they’ll sell to users.
  • Updated iPhone and iPad Apps – The Kindle apps for the iPhone and iPad are already great, and they are looking to expand upon that with audio and video support built into them. That’s right, a book can now potentially have an audio or video clip built into it and can be played on the fly, without leaving the app.
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