Kill Dracula with Deadly Light in Helsing’s Fire: A Frisky Hands-On

Tue, Aug 17, 2010

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Dracula is known as both a movie star and as a frequently used game opponent in the Castlevania series. In Helsing’s Fire on the iPhone, he is your ultimate opponent as well with you traversing through many worlds fighting rats, skeletons and other minions along your way. Thanks to Chillingo, we were lucky enough to check out Helsing’s Fire and share our impressions below.

In Helsing’s Fire, you play as the famous vampire hunter Helisng who must traverse through many levels and worlds to confront Count Dracula. To complete these levels, Helsing must use the power of fire and colored tonics in the proper way. Coming along for the ride is Helsing’s sidekick, who will tell you helpful hints as well.

Each enemy is setup with a certain color or colored shield, and Helsing must use the correct color tonic in order to eradicate these enemies. If Helsing uses the wrong tonic, the enemy will become more powerful instead of weaker. Now, on any given level, there can be several different enemies that are each colored differently, in this way you must use the stones and walls scattered across the level in order to funnel your light onto the enemies you want to effect. It’s fairly simple in concept, but becomes much more difficult as you progress in the levels.

As you complete levels, you open up a new set of levels to be played. When all levels of this set are complete, you must fight a boss character that moves around much more often, and can kill you if you are not careful. With quick motions and a sharp mind however, they may be defeated in no time.

Controlling Helsing is easy as you simply just tap where you want him to go and he will warp there instantly. To unleash tonics, all you have to do is tap them and they are released instantly, killing all enemies in its path.

Overall, Helsing’s Fire is a game that was clearly designed with pick-up and play in mind as it plays easily, and can easily be played for either a few minutes or a few hours at a time. If you’d like to check out Helsing’s Fire for yourself, be sure to download it on the App Store for 99¢.

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