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Mon, Mar 1, 2010

Mafia Wars, Social

If you haven’t played Mafia Wars in a few days, the next time you log into the game, you’re likely to notice a big visual and functional change in the way you buy limited edition items and upgrades.

The Godfather Store as we all knew it is no more; now, an in-depth Marketplace has taken its place. The Marketplace is split into various sections, giving you instant access to areas like Boost items, Crates and Special (consumable) Loot items like the Untraceable Cell Phone or Illegal Transaction Records.

Each heading in the Marketplace is split into multiple sub-menus, giving you one-click access from the Marketplace’s main hub to every area imaginable in the world of character customization (class change, energy refills, skill points, and so on) and item purchasing. The Marketplace’s main hub also contains a rotator that will show you current sales, limited time only offers and even some items that you may not have realized were available to purchase before now (like the Treasure Chest keys, for those who haven’t played the game recently).

Of course, as the Marketplace works on Reward Points, there are links throughout to purchase said points, either outright via credit card, debit or PayPal, or by completing one of the (supposedly legitimate) offers at the bottom of the screen – those offers that give you Reward Points for signing up for Netflix or apply for a credit card, for instance.

To have a look at the new Mafia Wars Marketplace, head over to the game’s page and become acquainted.

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