Keep Track of Neighbor Visits With Updated Cafe World Friend Bar

Thu, May 20, 2010

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If you’ve got a lot of Cafe World friends, and/or if you can only play the game in short intervals, you might find yourself confused by the end of the day as to which friends you’ve helped (by spicing dishes and tasting their Chef’s Special) and which you haven’t. Zynga has set out to remedy your confusion by updating the neighbor bar (which appears at the bottom of the gameplay area) to give you a permanent visual indication as to which tasks you have completed and which you haven’t.

Now, when you look at your friend bar, you’ll see a small exclamation mark on top of your friend’s profile picture, which indicates that you have yet to complete both tasks at their cafe, that is, the spicing of a dish and the tasting of a Chef’s Special. Hovering over this icon will show you the icons for the spicing (the brown spice bottle) and the Chef’s Special (the blue man), depending on which you have yet to complete. Accordingly, if you have completed one but not the other, only the remaining task will be shown, as we can see below.

Of course, if you visit all of your friends at once, or visit them in order, there’s very little chance that this new update will be necessary for you, but for the aforementioned, who don’t have time to handle all of their friends at once, this should come as a very welcome organizational tool. Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to see it in action.

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