Just Joined! in Mafia Wars

Thu, Nov 12, 2009

Mafia Wars, Social

It is important for Zynga to initiate people into the gifting items culture of Mafia Wars.   The new addition of “Just Joined” designations in the gifting screen is an important step for that.

Just Joined in Mafia Wars

Like much of the iterative software development culture, this will be A-B tested til its right.  Right now, Kate doesn’t particularly need Onyx Cufflinks.  Auto-suggesting a gift that would help complete a mission or an inventory set would be more motivating: “Kate needs to Repel the Yazuka, help her with xxx” would also bring a greater fictional conceit to the progression throughout the jobs.

But in a world of continuous partial attention, which social games both make and wrestle against, this grabbed mine.

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