Jungly Jump – Fruits & Seesaw Flings: A Frisky Hands-On

Thu, Aug 12, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Jungly Jump from MEDL Mobile was recently released on the iTunes App Store, and offers players of all ages a challenge to collect as much fruit as possible. The game features the adventures of Spiky (a porcupine) and Squaty (a rabbit-like creature) as they advance from level to level collecting as much fruit as possible.

In the game, you control Spiky as you set up which direction to launch Spiky and collect as much fruit as possible before you run out of turns. In order to launch Spiky, you have to watch the needle that shows the angle Spiky will launch at. When the needle is dark red, Spiky will launch at full power while launching when the needle is yellow will have Spiky launch at a much weaker speed. It’s up to you to determine which angle and how much speed you’ll need in order to grab as many fruits as possible.

In Jungly Jump, there are over 100 levels to master, each getting more and more difficult as you climb in levels. Each one has a unique shape and have many obstacles to make the level more difficult. Some of these obstacles and barriers can be broken, others cannot.

With its cute graphics and funny characters, it seems that Jungly Jump was designed for just about anyone to enjoy. As challenging as it can be, it’s never too difficult once you understand and use the physics to your advantage.

Jungly Jump from MEDL Mobile is available on the iTunes App Store for Free with ads. If you’d like to play without ads, the paid version costs only $1.99.

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