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Thu, Mar 29, 2012

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Our society is now a truly free and open Fitocracy! That is the glorious news from TriplePoint client Fitocracy, thanks to the official launch of the Fitocracy app for iOS. Now, every citizen has the right — nay, the privilege – to track their personal fitness using game mechanics, and level up every muscle in their body. Fitocrats may not have enough time to get together and run for the 2012 election, but at least we’ve got an app!

From the press release:

The highly-anticipated app arrives as the world’s fastest growing and most active online fitness community eclipses a quarter of a million users since launching in February 2011. By tying the level-up and quest mechanics of popular RPG games to fitness goals, Fitocracy gets users of any fitness level excited and addicted to working out.

Users receive achievements and badges for hitting workout milestones, and can keep track of their own personal records in anything from yoga to weight-lifting. Fitocracy’s quests also reward users for trying new things in the gym, be it barbell squats or a new sport.

I don’t know if there’s an end boss in Fitocracy but I spec’ed myself as a Cardio/DPS dual wielder and I feel pretty confident about it.

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