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Mon, Mar 1, 2010

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Zynga has added a new recipe to the Cafe World menu to go along with the dinosaur themed items currently available in the marketplace; however, to unlock access to it, you’ll have to join the game’s email subscription list.

The Giant Dino Egg is a fairly pricy item, costing 1800 coins to cook. However, if you have the cash on hand at the time, and the patience to wait for the dish to cook for three days, you’ll be given 600 servings that can be sold for 18 coins per serving, for a total of 10,800 coins.

When trying to find out how much profit you’ll receive, take 10,800 minus the 1,800 coin cooking fee, and you’re left with a profit of 9000 coins. Now, this might seem like a huge sum, but unless you rarely play the game, you can make a lot more coins by cooking other dishes that are ready in a day (or even less than a day) like the Herbed Halibut or Roasted Chicken.

Still, for those who wish to stick to the game’s current theme, this gives you yet another option on top of the Dino Drumstick and the Rackasaurus Ribs, so I suppose it might be worth it.

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  • Stephanie Lindley

    this is confusing

  • Brandy Shaul

    Hi Stephanie. I'm sorry you feel that way. Could you perhaps specify what part is confusing you so that I can clear it up?

  • gloria3588

    how do i join the cafe world email club

  • annuarbinedris

    games yang bagus.

  • Shivani

    i want super stove

  • Kate Hancock

    Me too! They are coming soon so we'll have to wait as patiently as possible

  • Linda Clements Hogue

    I click on the “reserve your stove” section but nothing happens, such as a message telling me “OK, a stove is reserved for you”. Anyone else have the problem?

  • Lins

    I had the same problem. I tried many times and now that the stoves are available it said check email. Checked email attached to Facebook but nothing there. Trying to find how to join the Cafe World Email Club. Can anyone help with this?

  • sueshroff

    i keep clicking on reserve stove but nothing happens…why.

  • allanasuncion

    i saw the super stove in my cafe,and i click it,but nothing can i get one?

  • Brandy Shaul

    Hi there! We've posted all you need to know about the new Super Stoves at this link:

    It should answer your questions – thanks!

  • Sadaf Shabeer

    why dont i get enough counters?

  • Brandy Shaul

    Hi Sadaf! Could you perhaps explain your question further? I'm not quite sure what you're asking. :-S.

    In the hopes that this answers your question – you'll have more stoves than you will counters, and both objects are unlocked to you as you level up in the game. That is, you can't own as many as you want – you have to wait until the game allows you to purchase more, after you hit the limit. Hope that helps!

  • klm1986

    Love this game!! wish it was easier 2get gifts instead of going through them all n hitting yes blah

  • Mary O'Hagan

    same thing happened to me linda trying to get it sorted let me know how if u did tks

  • Mary O'Hagan

    would be grateful if u let me know when u find out lins tks

  • Brandy Shaul

    Hi girls – I posted this a couple of days ago, but it looks like not everyone has seen it yet – Please check out my newest article about the Cafe World Super Stoves and email list. It will answers your questions.

  • Je

    I love Cafe World but like the others, I can't seem to join this email club. Anyway, there are still other cool dishes to cook and serve.

  • patricia ducak

    i love cafe world that game is sone of the first i go to when i start playing my games

  • Lorraine Visco

    I want to cook Giant Dino Egg. How can I email the club? Please help. What's its email address?

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