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Mon, Aug 2, 2010

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It’s time for another installment of Zynga Gaming Updates here on Frisky Mongoose. In this installment, we have some pretty big news from both PetVille and Cafe World. First, we see the second half of major Twilight themed items being released in PetVille, while Cafe World has received its first Catering Business order, that is, if you’re ready for it.

Team Jacob / New Twilight Items Available in PetVille

Those who support the side of Team Jacob rather than Team Edward in the realm of Twilight had to wait a few days before they could express their devotion, as the game’s likeness of Edward Cullen was released first, with Jacob just being added. Like his counterpart, the “Howling Jaycub Grey” is a limited time only figure, available to purchase for 35 Pet Cash, but only for the next six or so days.

Meanwhile, additional figures and decorations are now available. Decorations like the Casino De PetVille Archway and Jaycub Grey’s Cabin are available for 6,900 and 13,000 coins, respectively, while various orientations of “Ground Glow Globes” (lanterns to be placed alongside a walking path) cost 4 Pet Cash each.

In terms of the new figures, you can pay 31 Pet Cash for the standard (non-limited) Jaycub Grey statue, or 28 Pet Cash for a figure of “Stella Fawn,” while “Allison Culven” and “Josalie Tail” figures are available for 27 Pet Cash each.

Add these to the items released earlier in this theme, and you have a set of items perfect for any fan of the books and movies. Head over to the game’s page to browse through the current item selection.

Accept Your First Catering Job in Cafe World

As we told you towards the end of July, Cafe World has expanded to include a new Catering Business that has, up until now, been silent. This has changed though, with the release of the first paying client in the game.

The first Catering job is called simply “Wholesale Dale,” and it can be accessed by first heading outside of your Cafe and clicking on your catering van. This will bring up a pop-up like the one below, detailing the eventual availability of six different catering job spots.

For now though, simply clicking on “View” will show you what you need to do to complete this job, that being to serve Wholesale Dale finished servings of your dishes, rather than serving them to customers.

To complete our “first order” – whether this is referring to our first order ever in the catering business, or perhaps the first of many orders with Dale is as-of-yet unknown – you need to serve Dale a specific amount of servings by clicking on a dish (that is on a Serving Counter) and then clicking on “Sell to Dale” to add it to your running total. For completing this first mission, we’ll earn 3,000 Cafe Points, the game’s experience points.

While we’re sure that other catering jobs will be launched in the game in the near future, this first job will be quite the task in and of itself. That being the case, head over to Cafe World sooner, rather than later, to start serving those dishes to Dale.

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  • Cynthia Azzam

    How come sometimes the percentage moves up after the sale one 1 dish, and other times, I sell 4-6 dishes to Dale and the percentage remains the same.
    Thank you

  • becca

    Hmm, that's strange, I had to sell only 88,240 dishes for 2,200CP any idea why? I just finished the order today too :D!

  • Rozella Johnson

    I completed the first catering service but now it wants me to get more VIPs to start the catering service again. Will this happen every time a catering service is filled?