It’s Time for a Wedding in Restaurant City – Celebrate With New Items

Thu, May 20, 2010

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There’s love in the air in Restaurant City this week, with Playfish inviting all users to share in that warm and fuzzy feeling by adding a new series of “Wedding Party” decorations to their restaurants. As we told you earlier this week, the theme was launched with two recipes, the Canapes and the Slice of Happiness (wedding cake), and now, the full item theme is now available in the game’s store.

Unlike some other themes, the item collection here is actually fairly slim. While keeping an overall theme of “floral” in mind (in terms of how the items look and are adorned), you’ve got a new table and chair option to purchase, a heart-shaped wall garland, multiple decorative items containing candles, a podium (for the minister to perform the ceremony), a bouquet of wedding flowers, and an flower-covered arch that your guests can walk under.

Also take note of the two new free gift objects, the Celebration Drink and the Wedding Candlestand, which can only added to your restaurant if a friend gifts them to you first.

In terms of functional or Playfish Cash items, we’ve got a few options here as well. The first two are purely decorative and come in the form of a Wedding Harpist and Wedding Gazebo for 8 and 17 Playfish Cash, respectively. Under the functional section of the store, you’ll find the other two items, which come in the form of a Ice Swans Sculpture and Bubbly Drink Tower. The Ice Swans Sculpture costs 12 Playfish Cash, and leaves a trail of rose petals beneath your customers’ feet, while the Bubbly Drink Tower (which is only available to users level 50 or above) adds one second to your customers’ waiting time or “patience,” as they will be too busy staring at the precariously stacked glasses to leave the restaurant because of slow service.

To further flesh out this theme, be sure to take a look at the complimentary items that are on sale this week. Many items from the Valentine’s Day theme have been discounted, due to the fact that they also contain floral or otherwise frilly and “love-inspired” accents. Items like the Heart Wreath or Heart Window that used to go for 600 and 1000 coins, respectively, now go for 400 and 700 coins as part of this sale.

Want to add your own virtual wedding to your restaurant in the game? Head over to the Restaurant City game page on Facebook to start shopping!

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