It’s Tiki Time! FarmVille Heads to the Tropics With New Items

Wed, Jun 9, 2010

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Grab your bathing suit and a fancy umbrella drink and head over to the FarmVille marketplace to take a trip with Zynga to the tropics. The newest item theme in the game, thus far, contains items on most all of the store’s tabs: Seeds, Trees, Animals, Buildings, and of course, Decorations.

To start, the new crop is the Flamingo Flower, which can be planted for 35 coins per square and harvested for 200 coins per square 16 hours later. You’ll gain a single experience point for planting each individual square of the crop, but as a limited edition seed, the Flamingo Flower can’t be mastered.

Moving onto the Trees tab, we see the release of a Lychee Tree. While Lychee in the real world originated in China, anyone can pick up this virtual version of the tree for 10,000 coins each. It can be harvested from every three days.

Next, on the Animals tab of the store we see two new tropical animals, a Pelican and an Island Pig. The Pelican goes for 18 Farm Cash, and can be harvested from every 2 days. The Island Pig can also be harvested from every 2 days, but his initial cost is less, at 16 Farm Cash.

Over on the Buildings tab, you’ll find three new additions. The Giant Hut is a large structure (as the name would suggest) with a sharply arched roof-line that is available for 27 Farm Cash. Next, the White Sand Bar (named for the sand that rests along the bottom of the building, as if the bar were built on the beach) is a smaller building, and as such goes for less Farm Cash, at a price of 18. Finally, the third building is a coin item in the form of a round Hut. The Hut costs 100,000 coins to add to your farm, but you’ll receive 1,000 experience points as a bonus for purchasing one.

Finally, there are five new items available on the Decorations tab of the marketplace. Two of these items, the Blue Macaw and the Roast Pit, go for Farm Cash, at a rate of 16 and 14 Farm Cash respectively, while the other three items are available for coins. There are two Tiki Masks, appropriately titled Tiki Mask I and II, which both go for 25,000 coins each, and a final item, the Outdoor Torch, is priced at 20,000 coins.

This theme will only be available in the game’s store for nine days, so make the most of that time and head over to the game’s store to start shopping for these items.

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