It’s Chef Appreciation Week in Cafe World!

Mon, May 3, 2010

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It’s Chef Appreciation Week this week in Cafe World. What does that mean for all of us chefs? Basically, each day this week, Zynga will be tweaking a few recipes to offer some sort of bonus for daily players of the game.

To start the week off with a bang, three dishes have been modified. First, the Savory Stuffed Turkey dish now costs 0 coins to cook, but still contains all of its previous stats, meaning that you’ll make money and earn Cafe Points completely free and clear off of the dish after it cooks for 22 hours.

The other two tweaks are a bit different, with the Tikka Masala Kabobs rewarding you with double the Cafe Points when cooking and serving, and the Chicken Pot Pie dish cooking twice as fast as normal.

Tomorrow, a new set of alterations will be added to (presumably) entirely different dishes. Make sure to check back with us then to learn what those tweaks entail.

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