It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s… Catzilla?

Fri, May 14, 2010

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CrowdStar has taken a liking to releasing animals in Happy Pets that contain some sort of pop culture reference. First, we saw dogs based on celebrity dogs like Scooby Doo; next, we saw a series of animals based on Iron Man 2 characters, and now, we find the release of Catzilla, and three of his/her friends in the store.

As we can see from the pop-up that appears upon entering the game (see the image at left), the especially interesting thing about these cats is that they come in different sizes, as well as different colors. The four cats are named according to their size, with the Microcat obviously being the smallest, and Catzilla being the largest. In between, we have Ultracat and Megacat, with each being smaller than the last.

To put this into perspective, take a look at this picture posted on, which shows the cats’ sizes – for your reference, the cat on the far left is a normal sized cat. The Microcat, then, would be smaller still.

As you might expect, the larger the cat, the larger the price tag, with the Microcat setting you back 88 Facebook Credits (almost $9) to the Catzilla’s equally large 198 Facebook Credit price (that’s almost $20!).

Still, the novelty of having such a massive cast in the game is quite appealing. Is it appealing enough to spend the big bucks on? That’s up to you – let us know what you think of these new cats in the comments. Are they worth the cost just because they’re bigger or smaller than other animals in the game?

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