iSwifter Launches Flash Games for iOS Devices

Thu, Sep 16, 2010

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We all know that Apple and Adobe don’t really see eye to eye when it comes to flash working on mobile devices. However, this didn’t mean that the whole idea of playing flash games on your iOS devices is completely over, as many have since converted their flash games over to the platform natively such as Zynga with FarmVille. YouWeb Inc., who are experts in converting flash games for iOS,  have come up with an even easier solution with iSwifter which looks to bring flash games on the iOS platform.

iSwifter is available right now on the iPad for free and allows players like you to access, browse and play flash games from the most popular flash gaming portals on the net such as Yahoo! Games, AOI, Facebook and Kongregate.

You may be wondering how iSwifter was able to get approved from Apple after they clearly stated they didn’t want flash games on their platform. The answer is that they aren’t actually processed on the platform, so the only processing done on the iPad itself is the video it receives. This technology is similar to that of OnLive, the cloud gaming service that launched back in June. All of the game’s processing is done on YouWeb’s end making flash games available to play for all on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.

“iSwifter represents a game-changer for smaller Flash game developers that don’t have the resources to port their games to multiple mobile platforms like iOS and Android,” says Net Jacobsson, a former Facebook executive, advisor to, and founder & CEO of Playhopper, a Flash-based social gaming start-up.

What does this really mean for you? Well, it means you’ll get Flash games such as many popular Facebook titles much quicker on your iOS devices. Instead of spending many resources and time creating an iOS specific app, they could simply make it compatible for iSwifter and it is suddenly playable on all devices.

“Even for large developers like Crowdstar that have the resources to develop native versions of social games for mobile devices, streaming Flash games from the cloud using iSwifter is an exciting alternative,” says Niren Hiro, CEO of Crowdstar. “Bringing existing games to mobile platforms with no changes can be a huge time to market advantage.”

We’ll bring you more information on iSwifter as it becomes available. As I said earlier, it’s only available for the iPad at the moment and can be downloaded right now for free.

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