Is this the End for Palm?

Tue, Mar 23, 2010


MediaBistro has posted an interesting article that could spell what is bringing all this talk  about doom and gloom about Palm. The problem with Palm is that it just hasn’t sold enough phones to really be considered a success. The Palm Pre and Pixi certainly have a group of devoted users, but there’s just too few of them to really matter in the long run.

Other top phone manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia and Apple have seen increased stock over the past year, Palm’s has been steadily decreasing since the launch of the Pre last year. Of course, nothing was as dramatic as Palm’s 29% loss in a single day a few weeks ago.

Is this the end for Palm? I’m not so sure I’m convinced. We’ll see though.

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  • Brian Rojas

    I hope not. I don't really care for the Pre or Pixi but the Treo is the one I get excited over. They need to do something different to attract another demographic. Touch screens are everywhere. I'd like to see them contribute something new.