Is Hell Yeah Out Today? Heck Yes

Tue, Sep 25, 2012

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The last time we mentioned Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, it was to mention that the game had been announced by the heck-fearing folks at TriplePoint client SEGA. Since then, we’ve tried to avoid invoking the titular wrath of Ash, the game’s non-heroic protagonist — we’ve seen what he does when social media doesn’t go his way. And now, so can you; Hell Yeah! is available to play today on PSN, and it’ll be on XBLA and PC tomorrow. I’m telling you, man, once something is out there on the Internet, you can’t really keep a lid on it, no matter how many demon powers you command.

From the press release:

As the undead rabbit prince of Hell, players will jump, jet, drill, and shoot their way through ten huge, varied locales on a mission to take revenge against the inhabitants of the underworld that saw Ash’s illicit photos on the Helternet. There’s only one way to ensure no one ever laughs at Ash again, and that solution is over-the-top, comically-gory levels of hellion on hellion violence!

See, this is why we don’t link to all of those Helternet articles, even if we think they’d get us some clicks. Just not worth it, man.

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