Is 2010 the Return of Music Games?

Sun, Jun 27, 2010

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Music games as a money-producing genre has fallen over the cliff. More than any other genre, gaming analysts have pointed to the decline in music games sales as a reason traditional game sales have had negative growth over the past number of months.

With new offerings coming in the music genre by the end of the year, one gaming journalist is convinced that this will be the year that music games come back in a real way.

Brian Shea of Examiner wrote on Friday that:

From Rock Band 3′s enormous list of features, including Pro-Mode which is sure to please fans of real instruments to Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock’s back-to-basics approach, there’s no reason that music video games won’t return to the prominent status they once had.

He believes that there will be some doubters of this comeback, but players will be “too busy enjoying the comeback of one of the mightiest genres of the past decade,” to care.

It’s a bold statement for Shea to make, and count me as one of the doubters. The music genre has not declined because the quality of game has declined, at least not so dramatically so that sales would drop off what they have. (80%+ year-over-year declines were common last year) But they did. The sales drop off speaks to the loss of allure of music games in general, which is disconcerting for those that try to re-enter the genre.

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