iPhone Review Round-Up: Frogger, Puppet Wars, Rhythm Spirit

Thu, Jul 29, 2010

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With so many games being released on the iTunes app store, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with which ones you should or shouldn’t be playing on your iPhone. Thankfully, we have the review round-up to show you the best games available on the app store, complete with summaries and reviews from all around the web.


Frogger for iPhone has bee out for a long time, but that does not mean it deserves to be overlooked. Featuring some new graphics and touch controls, I would assume that the transition would go over rather well in the little frog’s leap to the iPhone. However, Slidetoplay did not find this to be so, as they were rather negative in their review.

According to their review, the faults stand out due to the game’s age. “Without new level designs or any new mechanics, this game gets old quickly. Konami did add a few achievements, although we doubt many people will care about these, as half of them simply require you to reach a certain level.” Essentially, they said it wasn’t terrible but has much better alternatives on the iPhone. Rating: 2 out of 4. Price: 99¢.

Puppet Wars

Apparently some TV-star puppets have decided to take over the world, and it’s up to you to stop them in Puppet Wars. In this FPS, you can use all kinds of weapons to take out these evil puppets including guns, mops and baseball bats. TheAppEra reviewed the game and said it was fine due to its tight control and unique concept. Despite being an FPS, it manages to stay fresh. Price: 99¢.

Rhythm Spirit

If Puppet Wars wasn’t unique enough for you, then maybe Rhythm Spirit is, because it is described as being a “rhythm fighting game” which isn’t heard very often. Essentially, markers flow down the screen much like Guitar Hero or Rock Band and you must tap the screen to correspond to these markers. When you hit these notes, your character on the screen will perform certain actions in order to defend or attack the opponent.

The most unique part of Rhythm Spirit is that it’s a fighting game on top of being a rhythm game, in that how well you perform the song determines whether or not you win the fight. GameZebo reviewed the game and said it is “a refreshing take on the rhythm genre” and its only fault is being a little on the short side. Rating: 4 out of 5. Price: $1.99.

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