iPhone & iPad Review Round-Up: Modern Conflict HD, Sigma, The Weathered Underground

Tue, Jul 20, 2010

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With so many games being released on the iTunes app store, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with which ones you should or shouldn’t be playing on your iPhone. Thankfully, we have the review round-up to show you the best games available on the app store, complete with summaries and reviews from all around the web.

Modern Conflict HD for iPad

Similar to the long-gone game Judgement Day War, Modern Conflict HD is a strategy game in which you take control of helicopters and tanks in order to defeat your enemy on the board. Being almost exactly the same game as Judgement Day War, SlideToPlay says that “Apparently buyers aren’t interested in a history lesson and just want to blow up tanks and helicopters.” and that “we’re (Slidetoplay) glad to see this excellent casual strategy game back, even if it has lost much of its real-world influence.” Rating: 3 out of 4. Price: $1.99.

Sigma for iPhone

Unlike most puzzle games of these kinds, Sigma moves in a horizontal direction. TheAppEra calls the change from the norm “something really unique and fun.” The game’s graphics look like they come straight from the hit Lumines series, but with a slight unique twist. To play the game, you simply ‘twist’ the two wheels on either side of the iPhone screen in order to make the shapes come out just how you want in order to match 3 of the same color.

Overall, TheAppEra said that “Even if you THINK you’re tired of match-3 games, I still suggest you give Sigma a go. It’s the most fun match-3 game for iPhone I’ve played in a while, and trust me, there are a LOT of them.” Price: 99¢.

The Weathered Underground for iPhone

More-so an interactive film than a game, The Weathered Underground tells the story of a man named Eric and his girlfriend Liz. Early on, Eric breaks it off with Liz for unknown reasons. From there, the story takes every possible twist and turn. GameZebo reviewed the game and was rather disappointed with the acting, dialogue and story. “The Weathered Underground is only around 20 minutes, but that still feels far too long.” stated GameZebo. Overall, they said that “While the interactive portion is relatively well done, giving you plenty of choices for how the story unfolds, it’s the film part that the creators neglected. And a bad film, interactive or not, is a bad film.” Yikes. Rating: 2 out of 5. Price: 99¢.

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