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Sun, Jul 18, 2010

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A little bit of iPhone & iPad news has been trickling out over the weekend, and I am here to cover it for you, fast and easy! Today’s news includes: the iPad has been updated to 3.2.1, there are some new details about the upcoming iPhone game So Long Oregon and Armada: Galactic War’s latest massive update and overhaul.

iPad Updated to iOS 3.2.1

While it is not the iOS 4 update many have been waiting for, Apple has updated the iPad to 3.2.1 in order to fix a few common issues. Most importantly, the WiFi issue has finally been fixed with this update which had been reported by many users since the iPad launched back in April. Along with that much needed fix, other issues fixed include: A copy/paste PDF glitch in the Mail app, Video playback freezing, and Video out issues. Bing was also added to the list of possible search engines in the Safari settings.

If you have an iPad, I would strongly recommend plugging it in and updating as soon as you can, these fixes all sound like they could improve the iPad significantly. Hopefully iOS 4 isn’t too far off, eh?

So Long Oregon Trailer Released

According to TouchArcade, Justin Smith, the developer behind Enviro Bear 2010, has recently sent out a tweet showcasing his newest game “So Long Oregon” for iPhone. The new iPhone game is a port of the PC game “Let’s Go Find El Dorado.” Much like the Oregon Trail, the game is a scrolling wagon combat racing game which takes nods at the original Oregon Trail. Instead of heading to Oregon however, you take a sharp turn south to Northern California to take advantage of the gold rush.

The So Long Oregon website explains:

Drive a wagon across the American west, then veer south in search of the legendary ancient lost city of GOLD known as “El Dorado”. Oregon only has dirt! Wouldn’t you rather be rich?

Experience physically accurate terrain collision rendering. So much more than just going left!

Test your conestoga wagon driving skills in 4 Challenges, including the Historical Oregon Trail for those of you who don’t want gold.

Compete for high scores and achieve achievements on the OpenFeint power-up system.

Although, nothing explains it better than this hilarious trailer:

Armada: Galactic War Receives Massive Update, New Lite App

Armada: Galactic War just received its 1.3 update, which introduces player divisions, including newbie rooms and the such.  The full feature list of the new update is below:

    Interface and Gameplay improvements

  • newly created units are automatically selected if mothership is selected
  • mech placement is easier to collect minerals
  • improved selection/deselection of units
  • Destroying a mothership will top up your resources
  • Each mothership destroyed counts as a win
    Player matching improvements

  • three rooms – newbie, intermediate, extreme
  • only newbies can enter the newbie room
  • extreme room gives 2x credits
  • a second leaderboard for extreme battles
    ARMS item improvements

  • lowered cost of items
  • items increase stats as well as decrease other stats
  • simplified the number of items

Along with this update, the developers have also released a “free” version of Armada that requires the use of ‘fuel cells’ to play. These fuel cells deplete as you play, and only recharge every few hours. You can however, purchase additional fuel cells as an in-app purchase if you don’t want to wait.

If you’re not sure exactly how Armada is played, this trailer explains it best:

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