iPhone & iPad Game News: Plants vs. Zombies Sequel, Fruit Ninja HD, Pocket Frogs

Tue, Jul 13, 2010

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Whether it’s frogs, fruit or zombies, there’s a lot to talk about in the mobile gaming world. Today, we are going to discuss speculation on a possible Plants vs. Zombies sequel from PopCap, the upcoming Fruit Ninja HD for iPad and Pocket Frogs, a cute little game centered around raising, breeding and trading frogs of all kinds.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 on the Way?

PopCap Games has been very vague in this supposed upcoming announcement of a Plants vs. Zombies sequel. All we really have to go off of is the image you see to the left of this text. It reads “Save the Date August 2, 2010″ and shows a badly drawn image of the Golden Gate Bridge with the abbreviation “S.F.” implying that they will announce the new game in San Francisco on August 2nd. Of course, the hand holding the note is of a creature clearly coming forth from the ground, implying a zombie of some sort.

Whether this means this new Plants vs. Zombies game comes to the iPhone immediately or not, it’s still very exciting news simply because the original title was so well loved by critics and gamers alike. We’ll keep you posted on August 2nd.

Fruit Ninja HD for iPad Trailer

We’ve already told you about how Fruit Ninja on the iPhone has sold one million copies and how it’s been updated for the iPhone 4′s display and passingly mentioned an iPad version along the way. However, we neglected to show you the trailer that was released a few days ago showcasing how the new iPad version will play on the much larger display.

The shining feature in the iPad version appears to be the multiplayer mode. You can send bombs to your opponent’s side which will definitely make for an intense experience with your friends. The full trailer is below:

If all goes well, we should be seeing Fruit Ninja HD released by the end of the week.

Pocket Frogs: Collect, Play, Trade

NimbleBit’s previous iPhone title, Dizzypad, showcased some fun jumping gameplay on the iPhone and was just recently updated to support the iPhone 4′s display. Now, the developer is looking to a different direction with Pocket Frogs.

The draw with Pocket Frogs is the ability to unlock different frogs by unlocking various awards using the Plus+ system and Dizzypad. Each of the frogs in Pocket Frogs will have three genetic traits that they inherit from their parent frogs and will result in (according to NimbleBit) “many thousand possible emergent species.” You can customize the the habitat your frogs live in, and you will also be responsible for keeping your frogs, healthy, happy and fed.

According to Touch Arcade: “Aside from breeding frogs, players will be able to get new frogs by ordering them in-game as well as trading frogs with friends via Plus+. There are also plans to have various challenges to breed certain frogs which rotate on a weekly and monthly basis and the frog store will rotate on a daily with new frogs to buy with in-game currency.”

The game reminds me a lot of Pokemon, but with frogs and a lot more activities to complete along the way. Pocket Frogs releases later this summer. We’ll keep you posted when it releases.

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