iPhone & iPad App Round-Up: Ben & Jerry’s, iChatr, Underground 3D Rollercoaster Rush HD

Underground 3D Rollercoaster Rush HD


Bouncing off the success of the iPhone version, Digital Chocolate has released a brand new version of 3D Rollercoaster Rush for the iPad dubbed Underground 3D Rollercoaster Rush HD. This new version supports OpenFeint, along with the iPad’s larger display to make for a more robust game experience.

The idea is that you are racing against time on some of the most badly designed roller coasters available. These coasters are ripe with steep hills, collapsing track, unfinished loops and other obstacles, which you must conquer in order to score the best time possible. Inside Social Games described it as a “racing-puzzle game” and as being frustrating at times, but incredibly rewarding due to the nature of the social integration.

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop of Happiness

Also released recently is a brand new Ben & Jerry’s Scoop of Happiness app based on the ice cream we all know and love. The new version of the app features an augmented reality function called Moo Vision. The idea is unique in that you hold your cup of ice cream to the iPhone camera and it will show you images based on the flavor. The New York Super Fudge Chunk Ice Cream, for instance, will show you Manhattan skyscrapers and lady liberty. Besides explaining these images to you, you may also share them with Twitter or Facebook friends as well.

Along with the augmented reality camera function, the app also features a few fun games to play like Mystic Moo’s Flavor Fortune game which is a crystal ball for deciding which ice cream you should eat next.


iChatr has blown up the iPhone 4 world recently by offering what is essentially “Chat Roulette” for the iPhone. Utilizing the iPhone 4′s front facing camera in possibly its greatest fashion, iChatr simply asks that you’re on a WiFi connection and then takes you to a chatting screen in which you talk to random strangers using your phone.

One would hope that requiring an iPhone 4 would be enough to deter any “Nasty Nancys” playing on iChatr, but that’s a risk of playing with the app. It’s free to download if you so choose and have an iPhone 4.

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