iPhone Developers Cautiously Optimistic About iPad

Mon, Feb 1, 2010

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Opinions and predictions continue to roll in about Apple’s iPad — is it triumph or tragedy? The latest voices to speak out about the new device are from the folks who may know a thing or two about developing on the iPad platform, having already released successful iPhone titles. Speaking to UGO, the minds behind TriplePoint clients Bolt Creative, Armor Games, and Critical Thought Games all shared their thoughts about the iPad, each sharing high hopes but reserved approaches.

Bolt Creative owner Dan Castelnuovo foresees social gaming taking a new step forward, saying, “The thing that I find exciting about it is communal group play. The screen is big enough to place on a table between a group of people where everyone can see the screen at all times and take turns making moves. Virtual board games will never be the same.” He will wait to make that particular contribution, however, adding, “If we had extra resources, we would be working on something for the iPad. Because we are a small team, we are waiting until we have one in our hands before going for it.”

Armor Games’ founder, Daniel McNeely, was in agreement, stating “(With the iPad, we’ll have) more room for controls. Complex games on the iPhone have limited real estate to provide truly customizable and efficient controls,” but also noting “The market saturation isn’t big enough yet for us to pull our iPhone developers off their games and focus solely on the iPad. Once we see sales and figures we might consider porting some of our games and making them iPad exclusive.”

Critical Thought CEO David Whatley offered the most enthusiasm, praising Apple’s devices: “I’ve said for awhile now that the iPhone has created a new Golden Era of game development and I see Apple extending that with the iPad. It’s an exciting time to be in this business.”

Full remarks are available at UGO.

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