iPhone 4 Designer Leaves Apple Following Antennagate

Sun, Aug 8, 2010

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As we all know, the iPhone 4 has a clear issue with its antenna, and Apple has responded by offering everyone a free case. However, this doesn’t mean that those involved with creating the latest iPhone were going to get away with it as reportedly, Mark Papermaster has left Apple Inc. according to the New York Times.

Apple has confirmed that he had left the company but no one knows if he was fired or left on his own willing. Bob Mansfield, overseer of Macintosh hardware is going to fill Papermaster’s position. The iPhone is no stranger to Mansfield as he already manages parts of the iPhone’s hardware including its processor, retina display and touch screen.

This is not the firs time controversy has struck Papermaster, as his joining Apple caused a big stir at IBM. Papermaster had worked for IBM for 25 years, and they tried to sue Papermaster because he had a no-compete agreement. Papermaster settled the lawsuit by saying he had not revealed any trade secrets in going to Apple.

VentureBeat and the New York Times have commented that the timing of Papermaster’s departure is interesting in that this happened just after presumably the “antennagate” issue was done and over. Although, this was not a usual time for Apple as this was the first time in years they had been thrown a rotten egg. The big question is, of course: Does Mansfield’s departure have to do with Antennagate? Only time will tell, but we’d love to hear what you think. Let us know your opinion on the matter in the comments section below.

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