Invest in Some FishVille Antiques or a Limited Edition Fish

Fri, Feb 19, 2010

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The FishVille fan page saw two updates today, announcing the addition of a new Free Gift fish, and of the release of new Antique items in the marketplace.

First, the antiques. There are four to choose from:  a Metal Pipe, Rusty Anchor, Sunken Bell, and a Neptune figure, and, as with other FishVille antiques, this quartet will age as it sits in your fish tank. Like a fine wine, the items will become better (more valuable) with age, allowing you to sell each when they have reached their peak for the maximum profit possible.

While you’re waiting for your antiques to mature, be sure to head over to the Free Gifts page and send your friends the limited edition Pink Skunk Clown fish. As the fish is a limited edition species, it is worth more than some, more basic fish, and has a longer growing time at 48 hours. The Pink Skunk Clown fish will only be available for the next four days, so be sure to send as many as you can, as soon as you can.

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