InstantAction Brings Games to Your PC Instantly

Thu, Mar 11, 2010

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Instant gaming is a concept that appears to only be expanding as we move into more of a cloud future. InstantAction is the latest player in this new cloud gaming space. Right off the bat, InstantAction is making a splash by announcing a partnership with LucasArts as you will be able to play Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition on it.

InstantAction sounds a lot like another cloud gaming service, PlayOn. The idea is that players will be able to play games on any computer because the actual game will be hosted on a remote machine while the player will only control that game from their own computer. Essentially, if your computer can play video, it can play games (that’s the goal anyway).

While InstantAction does allow for that form of gaming, their primary focus is on the play while you download distribution model. Much like some HD streaming services such as Zune or Netflix, the service will begin downloading the game but execute the game immediately allowing you to play it within seconds of downloading. This option will require you to have the hardware to run the games however.

InstantAction appears to be going even further allowing games to be literally embedded in web pages. This means massive distribution. I can only imagine someone just embedding a game on their Facebook wall and everyone goes to their page to play it. Social gaming, indeed!

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