Install the FrontierVille Game Bar, Receive 20 (or 35) Free Horseshoes

Mon, Sep 6, 2010

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Attention FrontierVille players! Are you looking for a way to earn a whole slew of free Horseshoes for doing little more than clicking a few buttons? You’re in luck, as Zynga has officially released the FrontierVille toolbar, as part of their ongoing Tool or Game Bar support for their most popular Facebook games.

The FrontierVille Game Bar can be installed by heading over to the installation page. You’ll need to connect your Facebook account before you download the toolbar. From there, you’ll go through a few simple steps to install the Game Bar, and you will receive your installation prize of 20 free Horseshoes!

After that, if you continue to use the Game Bar, and login to the game each day by clicking through the Game Bar to reach your Homestead, you’ll receive 1 free Horseshoe for the next 15 days. To be clear – you MUST enter FrontierVille using the link provided in the toolbar to receive these extra Horseshoes, and after 15 days, the bonus will no longer be available, regardless of whether you’ve actually claimed 15 Horseshoes or not (so be sure to do so!).

To receive your first prize of 20 Horseshoes, you’ll need to not only install the Game Bar, but then navigate away from the FrontierVille game page (simply close the tab or window) and then re-enter the game via the “Play Now” link on the Game Bar. This is the same process by which you’ll receive your addition Horseshoe for the next 14 days after installation.

As for the Game Bar itself, it’s a fairly useful toolbar that will show you how much energy you currently have, how many visitors have helped out on your Homestead since you last checked on things, and how long your crops will take to be ready to harvest, if you have any crops growing, that is. In addition, you’ll earn three extra energy every eight hours when you use the Game Bar.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Game Bar’s installation page to get your own 20 Horseshoes! Note: Only users on IE7+ or Firefox 2+ can access this offer, as of this writing.

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  • Gloria McFarlane

    The toolbar has stopped giving me the horseshoe each day – got two on consecutive days going into the game after installation – have got nothing the last two consecutive days. What gives?

  • Brandy Shaul

    I would suggest posting a bug report on the Zynga forums:

  • Brandy Shaul

    Did you make sure to enter the game from the link on the toolbar? If you’re just going into the game normally (or you uninstalled the toolbar already) then you won’t get them.

  • Hayn42

    Since I downloaded the frontierville toolbar, I am having a hard time playing this game, help me please?

  • Dandie

    were is the link

  • Dandie

    were is the link

  • Brandy Shaul

    To download the toolbar? Right here:

  • Brandy Shaul

    To download the toolbar? Right here:

  • Gaurav Wagh

    Install the FarmVille Game Bar, Receive 25 Free Farm Cash

  • James Spiring

    They’ve changed the offer! Now it’s 5 horseshoes immediately then 1 more for the next three days!

  • Keri Cudd

    why wont it let me downoad it??? I click on the link and it leads me to this ???