Indentured Servitude Remains Fun in Papa’s Cupcakeria

Wed, Aug 7, 2013

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Papa Louie, the mustachioed restaurateur who stars in Flipline’s ongoing Papa Louie Arcade series, is a shrewd businessman — and also kind of a jerk. Every few months, the guy offers a hapless guy or gal some fantastic prize, say, season tickets to the home team. The catch, of course, is that you’ll be viewing the games from behind the counter of the concession stand. Lost your dog? No problem, Papa’s found him, but now you work for him. People don’t so much apply for jobs with Papa as ‘get shanghaied’ by the guy. So, needless to say, when Papa’s on the way to his new cupcake bakery and you happen to rear-end him in your car, guess how you’ll be paying off the damages? Welcome to Papa’s Cupcakeria. Hope you like frosting!

As with every entry in Papa’s Arcade, Papa’s Cupcakeria is an exercise in coordination, time-management, and precision. An order comes down the line, and you’ve got to match up the proper wrapping color to the requested flavor, put just the right amount of batter in the oven for just long enough, and carefully top it with neat, symmetrical toppings. Customers tip you based on speed, accuracy, and preparation, so you’ve got to fill orders fast — but not so fast that the cherry on top is off-center. I mean, can you imagine? What is this, amateur hour?

Thankfully, as with (again) every entry in Papa’s Arcade, the new title is addictive, engaging, simple fun, presented in the clean, colorful style of Flipline’s repertoire. The sound and animation is as lighthearted and charming as ever. When you’ve done right by a customer, their unrestrained enthusiasm for their cupcakes is both amusing and worrisome.

It’s another excellent entry in Papa Louie’s Arcade. If Papa didn’t come off as so underhanded and sinister in his hiring methods, I think he wouldn’t have these problems to begin with, but at least he solves them in fun ways. You can play Papa’s Cupcakeria right here.

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