Impress Caesar in Legacy of Rome on Facebook – A Frisky Hands-On

Fri, Aug 6, 2010

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While Facebook isn’t without its fair share of City Building games, only a few are set in ancient times (Playfish’s My Empire is the first comparative game to come to mind). innoWate hopes that players will have room for one more such game in their lives, as they have released Legacy of Rome on Facebook.

Legacy of Rome has a fairly simple premise – Caesar is aging and is looking for a worthy successor for his title and power. You are in the running to take his place, but before Caesar will give his power over to you, you must first build an empire in Germania that will impress Caesar to the point of believing that you have the skills and experience necessary to wield great power.

The game asks you to build the basic infrastructure of the town – a town center that will keep citizens happy, a mine to gather resources, a reservoir that provides water for the town, roads to connect it all and huts for citizens to live in, among other items.

Buildings take time to build, or you can use your great Rings of Power to speed up the process (you earn more Rings as you level up – with Rings serving as a sort of premium currency in the game). While you’re waiting for your buildings to be constructed, you can either complete a variety of quests in the game, or you can spend your time gathering taxes from your citizens (small coin symbols will appear when money is ready to be collected).

If you choose to complete quests, know that Legacy of Rome is ready, willing, and able to hold your hand through every step of the process. While an initial tutorial shows you how to build objects, move new citizens into your equally new huts and so on, to help you become acclimated to the gameplay, once you finish this tutorial, you are given the option of either going it alone, without the help of the game, or are allowed to rely on the advice of an advisor, who will continue to tell you what your next step should be in the game.

Regardless of which path you choose, you’ll find yourself completing Tasks (quests), with Tasks rewarding you with various combinations of gold, experience points or resources for completing them. With these coins, you can purchase all manner of new items for your town, ranging from huts and waterways to government buildings and parks.

If you’ve been looking for a city-building game that will ease you into the world of city-builders, the hand-holding tutorial of Legacy of Rome will do just that. Head over to the game’s page to give Legacy of Rome a chance, or check out our Hands-On video below to see just what the game looks like while played. (Note: Google Chrome users may have difficulty playing the game – we suggest trying Firefox instead)

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