If You Like the DASH Series So Much, Why Don’t You Marry It

Hey, little sister, where have you gone? Oh — you went looking for something new to play on your Android. Well, PlayFirst (a TriplePoint client) has been showing the Google Play store a lot of love lately. Enough love, in fact, that they’ve just given the world an engaging new title: Wedding Dash. The latest member of the DASH series is out for Android matrimony maniacs as of today, and it’s as free as an open bar.

From the press release:

Mobile gamers will fall in love with Quinn, an aspiring wedding planner who takes center stage in Wedding Dash. Players help her navigate the planning process, from producing sophisticated soirées to casual ceremonies, tapping and sliding to create order out of event-planning chaos. As Quinn, players must cater to each couple’s unique and often ridiculous requests, seat guests next to their friends or risk complaints, and prevent unwanted yet comical disasters like kitchen fires, animal invaders and bustling bees with solid time-management skills and quick reactions.Wedding Dash delivers all the joy that comes from putting on that perfect wedding with loads of levels, venues and characters to discover.

Even if you lose, it’s a nice day to… start agaaaaaain.

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