I Hope My Towers Float in Pirate Legends

Fri, Aug 2, 2013

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Nobody is disputing the almighty tower as an excellent defensive fortification. From bloons to barbarians, if it’s making a beeline for your home base, a well-placed and well-armed tower can take care of it. What about enemies attacking from the water, though? It seems like a solid foundation is kind of crucial to the tower, from a structural standpoint. Pirate Legends, a new tower defense game coming to iOS from Superhippo (a TriplePoint client), is challenging you to handle seafaring savages of all sorts, so unless these are some very tall towers, I’m not sure how we’re going to manage it.

The trailer may help explain things:

Oh, there’s reefs, and shallows, and piers, and jetties, and stuff. Okay, that works!

From the press release:

In Pirate Legends, players sail their ship through a tropical paradise as they defend themselves from waves of enemies. Use 20 unique towers to blow away the mighty British Navy, the hunger-infested cannibal tribes, and the restless undead horde into smithereens. Fire off your ship’s cannons, voodoo your enemies with a shaman tower, or unleash the Kraken to devour them whole!

Pirate Legends will come ashore on August 15th.

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