How Will the iPhone’s New Features Affect AT&T?

Thu, Apr 22, 2010

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Recently, Gizmodo got ahold of what is most likely the new iPhone and the entire internet has been speculating on whether or not the device is really going to be the new iteration or how the new speculated features will work. GigaOM has posed an interesting question concerning these features: Will AT&T be ready for the new features of the iPhone?

The analysis mentions the front-facing camera which will presumable be for video chatting. AT&T currently offers video at a cost of $9.99 a month for one-way. If the camera is going to be for two-way chatting, one has to wonder if AT&T will make that an additional charge as well or if their current network could support mass use of the feature.

The Micro SIM poses an interesting question of whether or not people will try to use the cheaper data plan offered for the iPad on their iPhone. In Europe and Asia, SIM-card swapping is more prevalent and only a few phones use the Micro SIM card so that could pose a few issues as well.

The secondary microphone will also improve voice quality if it comes to fruition. This could be a huge improvement as many believe the iPhone is lagging behind other smartphones in this area.

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